The Proper Way To Install A Drain Pipe

Posted on: 15 March 2017


The first step in installing a drain field is to determine where you should place it. It should not be close to your home, but it should be close to your septic tank. It is especially important to install the drain field at least 10 feet away from any edible plants and water sources. Otherwise, your waste could contaminate these sources of food and water and can make you sick.

Installing The Drain Pipe

You will want to install a perforated sewer drain pipe. This is embedded into gravel and delivers your waste to a location where bacteria can digest and eliminate it. Before the installation of the drain field for your septic tank installation can commence, you must have your site inspected. If the pipe is not installed properly, it will be necessary to remove and reinstall it, which can be much more expensive. 

Preparing The Soil

The soil will need to be capable of absorbing your waste in order to avoid having backups. Test the soil for its drainage abilities before digging. You will need to dig a trench that is even enough to where the waste is level while also having a slope so that the waste can be carried to the appropriate drain field. This decline must not have a pitch of more than a quarter of an inch per foot of run or there is a risk that the waste will travel too quickly, pool at the bottom, and splash up, causing the drain field to become flooded. The trenches must be two to four feet wide and deep. 

Adding The Gravel

A couple inches of gravel must be placed at the bottom of the trench. The gravel must have a larger diameter than the holes that you drilled in the pipes. If you have already purchased gravel, make sure to have a pipe with the appropriately sized holes.

Properly Placing The Pipe

The pipe is placed on top of the gravel with most of the holes facing downward. The pipe sections are glued together with self-priming glue. The pipes are also held in place using clamps. Then, more gravel must be placed over the pipe. Lay any type of cloth that breathes over the pipe. Wait a few weeks for the dirt to settle and then add more dirt. Optionally, you can place plants over the drain field. However, you must not aerate or till the soil.

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