Plumbing Repairs And Your Septic System: 3 Tank Problems That Affect Household Drains

Posted on: 3 September 2017


Problems with drains in your home are often due to the lines outside of your home. If your home is on a septic system, the plumbing problems are often related to the tank backing up into the household plumbing. Problems with septic systems often cause plumbing headaches inside your home. Here are some of the tank problems that may be causing the problems with plumbing inside your home:

1. Materials and Chemicals in Septic Tanks That Do Not Belong

The materials and chemicals that go down the plumbing drain in your home end up in the septic tank. When things like paper products like wipes get into pipes, not only do they cause problems in the septic tank, they can also cause blockages in household plumbing lines. It is important to avoid flushing foreign materials down the toilet. In addition, harsh chemicals like bleach and cleaners will kill off bacteria in the tank, which leads to low bacteria levels and solids not breaking down. Try to use fewer household cleaners and avoid products like drain cleaner. If you have a clogged drain, it is better to contact a plumbing repair service to clear the pipes.

2. Lack of Maintenance and An Overflowing Tank Backing Up into Plumbing

Unlike sewer services, septic systems need routine maintenance to ensure that they are working properly. The most important part of septic system maintenance is having the tank pump as needed (usually every 3 years). If you do not have the maintenance done, solids quickly build up in the tank and it leads to slow drains or even plumbing backing up into your home. You will also want to have your septic system inspected occasionally for problems that need repairs. With routine maintenance, you will avoid a lot of the common septic system problems and costly repairs that they cause.

3. Drain Field Problems That Cause Septic Tanks To Become Overburdened

The septic system of your home is complex and includes a tank, distribution lines, and drain field. When solids get into drain field systems, the tank may quickly become overburdened with waste. This problem causes the septic system to eventually start backing up into your household plumbing and can lead to damage. When you have the maintenance done, make sure that the distribution boxes and the drain field are also checked out for potential problems.

These are some of the problems with septic tanks that can cause issues with the plumbing inside your home. Contact a plumbing repair service to help you with your plumbing and septic system problems to avoid serious damage and costly repairs. 

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