Host A Lot Of Parties? Why You May Want To Check Your Septic Tank Before Christmas

Posted on: 15 December 2017


You are the type of person that loves any reason to throw a party. All major holidays come with a party at your house. All birthdays have a party, too. While that is tons of fun, what is not fun is an overflowing septic tank. If you are hosting another big bash at your place for Christmas, you should probably check your septic tank and call for a residential septic tank cleaning before people start arriving. Here is why.

Lots of People Equals Lots of Waste

All those party guests all year round equals extra waste your septic tank was not designed to hold. If you have not pumped out the tank in a while, you are tempting fate by letting it go for now. Having a family of twenty-plus people over for at least one day could be just the thing to push the tank into overflow mode. 

Nobody Wants to Smell You-Know-What While Eating Christmas Dinner

Imagine sitting down to a glorious holiday feast, but all you can smell is, well, poo. Since your sense of smell and your ability to taste food are directly connected, your entire meal would taste like what you smell. Ew. You do not want that, and you certainly do not want your guests to sit through a delicious meal they cannot smell or adequately taste. Pumping out the septic tank now completely prevents that scenario from happening.

Those New Snow Saucers and Sleds Would Not Be Sliding Through Snow

Kids always get sleds and snow saucers for use during the holiday break from school, but if your septic tank erupts, that would not be snow they would be sledding and sliding through! They would have to stay indoors the entire time, or you would have to load everyone in the car and take them to a park where they can use their outdoor sledding equipment.

Thankfully, you could do that while the professionals clean up most of the mess and finish pumping out whatever is left in the septic tank. Upon your return, you could check on the progress, and sign and pay the bill if the job is complete. The kids would still not be able to go outside into the yard for some time, given that the remnants of the mess would not be able to sink into the soil, but at least mid-spring would be a nice time to host another party.

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