Don't Leave Your Guests Stranded: What To Consider When Renting Portable Toilet Trailers

Posted on: 19 March 2018


With summer fast approaching, it's time to start planning all your end-of-school events. Summer brings a multitude of opportunities to enjoy backyard festivities, including graduation parties, wedding receptions, and even family reunions. If you're going to be hosting these types of activities in your yard, it's time to start making those preparations. If you're expecting a large turnout, you might not want everyone using the bathrooms inside your home. Not only that, but you might not be able to accommodate all your guests with just your personal bathrooms. That's where toilet trailer rentals will come in handy. Portable toilet trailers aren't your typical portable toilets. They're larger, cleaner and more family-friendly. While you're planning your toilet rentals, here are three things that you should consider.

Type of Units Needed

If you're going to need portable toilet trailers for your outdoor festivities this summer, you'll need to determine what type of units you'll need. In addition to the basic one-stall toilet trailers, they also have family units, which allow for parents to assist their young children. They also have toilet trailers designed to assist those who may have mobility issues that require things like wider doors, elevated toilet seats, and wheelchair ramps. In addition to the toilet trailer options, they also have hand washing stations that will make it easier for your guests to keep their hands clean. If you're not sure what you'll need, be sure to speak to your sanitation expert when you're making your reservations.

Additional Services Provided

While you're busy enjoying the festivities with your guests, you're not going to feel like tending the toilets. When you call to make your reservations, be sure to ask about additional services that may be available, such as an onsite assistant who will keep your toilet trailers clean and fully-stocked with fresh toilet paper and hand soap. These additional services can help make the event more pleasant for you and your guests.

Utilities Needed for Set-Up

If you're going to have evening festivities or hand washing stations, you'll want to ask about the utilities that might be needed for set-up. This is particularly important if you're choosing toilet trailers with interior lighting. For those trailers, you'll need access to electrical outlets. For the hand washing stations, you'll need easy access to an onsite water supply.

Don't leave your guests without a safe place to go. If you're planning outdoor festivities this summer, use the tips provided here to make the most of your portable toilet trailer rentals.