How Portable Bathroom Service Trucks Keep Port-A-Potties Functional

Posted on: 7 July 2020


Portable bathrooms are a mainstay of construction sites, fairgrounds, and other community projects. These bathrooms can be a mystery for anyone not acquainted with septic services. They are set up, maintained, and taken down by companies also operating portable bathroom service trucks. These trucks serve as the key to understanding portable bathrooms.

The Setup

Portable bathrooms are set up by port-a-potty service companies with quite a bit of caution. They need to be placed on solid ground so they don't tip or sink, while also being placed in an appropriate location for whatever event or group needs the portable bathrooms. The bathrooms also need to be placed where they can be accessed by the service company for both installation, cleaning, and removal. This means they have to be near wherever the service truck can access for both setup and eventual removal.

The Bathrooms

Portable bathrooms are single-unit containers that at the minimum, have a storage tank for the waste, chemicals inside the tank, some way to allow users to clean their hands, and toilet paper. Some models are more deluxe and may have running water. The tanks have chemicals inside to reduce the smell by introducing microbes that feed on the parts of human waste that create smells. Before formaldehyde was banned, it was used instead. A fluid, typically blue, is also added to the tank to make the human waste look less like... well, human waste. Finally, these bathrooms are sanitized regularly by portable bathroom trucks.

The Cleaning

Port-a-potty service people generally use their trucks as a larger, secondary tank for all the portable bathrooms they service. They will use a vacuum to suck out all the waste material from the bathroom, deodorizer and all, and then refill the tank with the cover-up fluid. They will then clean the bathrooms themselves, sanitize it, and wipe everything down. Finally, any replacement items like hand sanitizer, toilet paper, soap, or even clean hand towels in deluxe versions.


Portable bathroom service trucks are an important part of any portable bathroom setup and maintenance. These service trucks bring the port-a-potties, usually by towing, and the service people help set them up in the best spot possible for everyone involved. The bathrooms then get the waste buildup removed and the interior cleaned. Finally, these trucks will take the portable bathrooms away from the construction site or other public event once they are no longer needed.

For more information about portable restroom service trucks, contact a portable restroom service in your area.