• How Grease And Oils Affect Your Septic System

    Your septic tank needs to be pumped out on a regular basis because it is a holding area for all the solids, water, and oils that leave your house through the drains and toilets. While the solids slowly break down over time, they don't disappear. Instead, they form sludge that has to be removed. Grease and oils also build up inside the tank and have to be removed. Here's a look at how grease affects your septic system.
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  • A Guide To Septic Pumping And Service

    Home sweet home. This is the phrase you'll be able to utter as long as you take great care of the little things. If you own a septic system, you have the benefit of your own plumbing, isolated from the rest of the neighborhood. However, this also means that it's up to you to maintain and care for this system. Follow these suggestions below to get the most of your home's septic system.
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